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PetSafe® RFA-67 Compatible Replacement Batteries

These PetSafe® Compatible Battery Modules are compatible with the following PetSafe® Collars:

  • UL-250
  • UL-275
  • IF-275

    NOTE: Some of the UL-250 and UL-275 Receivers may require "Coin-Style" 3 Volt Batteries.

    Batteries come in packs of 2. US shipping is included in purchase price.
    For international shipping rates, please Contact us with your location information.
    E-mail me to pay via Check/MO.

    2-Pack PetSafe® RFA-67 Compatible$6.99
    3 2-Packs PetSafe® RFA-67 Compatible$20.00
    6 2-Packs PetSafe® RFA-67 Compatible$37.50