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FLEXI® Retractable Leashes

I highly recommend Flexi® Retractable leashes for electronic fence training as well as much of your on-leash obedience training. These are the most dependable, smooth operating retractable leashes that I have handled. I have used a Flexi® Classic Long 3 with thousands of dogs in the past several years and have complete satisfaction with it. Whether you are a 1st time retractable leash owner or you have had one in the past, I am certain that you will harbor a similar satisfaction after just your first few days with a Flexi® leash.

For initial electronic fence training, it is essential that a dog feels as free as possible, but is still under a certain measure of control. Using a Flexi® retractable leash, you are able to allow your dog to wander about as if he/she is "independent," yet still encourage (or inisist upon) your dog's retreat from the signal field. In the same manner, you can enforce your "Come" command at a distance as you gradually progress from on-leash training to off-leash. Because the operation of these leashes is so silent and line-tension so minimal, most dogs are unaware after a short time that they are even on a leash and will act more naturally, whereas they might seem more subdued on a short leash, knowing very well that they are being "kept." Ultimately, this feeling of freedom is advantageous not just from a training standpoint, but also from a purely emotional one. A dog constantly tethered experiences frustration and exhibits these symptoms in a variety of ways (most of them less than desireable), yet a dog that has had the opportunity to engage in more vigorous activity will be significantly more at peace at the end of the day. Via the efficiency of a retractable leash, your dog will likely walk 3 miles to your 1 mile.

Remember that with a Flexi® retractable leash, you have the option of locking your leash at any desired length, from a couple of feet to 26 feet. If you are walking by an area or yard that you wish to keep your dog away from, you can simply lock the leash at a short length and keep your dog at your side, releasing him/her once you are in a more suitable area for the use of full leash length. These leashes allow you to give your dog some space, not overwhelming him/her with control. This is of great benefit if you have a dog who prefers privacy when "doing business" or in situation when you have a shy/submissive dog or a dog with some fear aggression. It has been most helpful to me to have a leash of this length when working with personalities that would otherwise (on a short leash) have nothing to do with training. Many of these would have been too distracted by their concern about my proximity to them to concentrate on the training at hand; without my Flexi®, there would have been a significant number of dogs that would not have learned anything about their electronic fences. I am most thankful for such an innovative and dependable product!