Lance's Hidden Fencing Customer Care Plan
Cost -- $225.00 per year

Protection of fence at intersections with edging lines and where the wires exit the home as
well as any other places Lance's Hidden Fencing deems appropriate. (Pavement crossings not included;
these will need to be noted and avoided by anyone working in the area.)

Marking of all fence lines in yard up to once per year for aeration or other
landscaping/construction purposes. (Require 7 days notice and access to transmitter.)

Unlimited Free Service Calls for system failure resulting from:
--exposure in driveway or sidewalk seams
--exposure where wire exits the home
--inaccurately marked lines (by Lance's Fencing)
--line breaks due to animal digging/chewing
--line breaks due to natural events such as high water in a stream crossing, root growth,
falling trees due to wind, age, or lightning.
--line breaks due to road repair by city, county, state
--line breaks due to snow-clearing activities

Service calls for lightning damage or manufacturer defects are covered,
but replacement of lightning protection components, transmitters, or receivers
is subject to conditions of warranty from their original purchase--in most cases,
a $50 or $75 replacement fee per item.

Batteries, Nylon Collars at 10% off invoice price if purchased on any visit to the residence.
(Collar Pattern/Size must be selected 7 days in advance via phone or email.)

Wire breaks due to edging along pavement are not covered.
Wire breaks due to digging/planting/other work where wire has not been marked
or protected or those markings or protections have been ignored are not covered.
System Failure due to faulty repairs in the line by homeowner, landscaper or other
unauthorized persons is not covered, however, should such repair spots be PRECISELY pointed
out (visual confirmation without search) at the time of care plan service for other issues,
they will be checked and made secure if they were not already.
Dog-Outs or other Training issues are not covered by this plan.

To sign up for the Customer Care Plan, just call 614-276-2760 or (513) 353-8000 to set up
a time to have the integrity of your system confirmed and the protection begins.

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