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Training is provided with the purchase of a Complete Installation, but can also be purchased separately. The cost is $125/session and the session length may vary from 20 minutes to a few hours--it just depends on your dog and the situation.

Please note that Training is one of the most important aspects of successful pet containment. It is a process that requires your time and participation for the period of a few weeks--a short time relative to the years of independent yard activity that will follow. Be sure that you get the right trainer to help introduce your dog (and/or you) to your fence. An inexperienced trainer can have difficulty "reading" a dog and knowing when to be soft or how to get the right behavior short of reverting to fence correction. There is no need for harsh or overly firm tones with a dog relative to fence training...a multitude of misassociations can be kept from entering your dog's mind if firmness and affection are both strategically applied. Teaching a dog about the new boundaries requires a balance of body language, tone, and technique in order to minimize stress and maximize comprehension of the concept. Not every training session can be "perfect," but the selection of a good trainer can take a lot of worry off of your shoulders and greatly increase the likelihood of success.

Flags/flagging will be provided Free of charge with any Service Call or Training Session.

To schedule a training session, please call me at (614) 276-2760 or (513) 353-8000 or send an email with the best way to contact you to: [email protected]