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Repair and Revision

If you are unsure about the the location of the twisted wire and would like to have it (and your perimeter) marked prior to doing yard work, you can call or email to arrange this. You do not need to be present and the cost is $75.

Line Breaks
If your system is alerting you that your wire has been cut or if you know that you have cut your wire, a Service Call is $95 and $15 for each each line break.*

If you suspect that your wire has been cut in several places due to aeration or other landscaping activities and wish to replace it entirely, the cost is $95 + $1/ft.*

Additional Loops or Changes in Layout
If you wish to add loops in your flower beds or other areas or would like to expand or reduce the original perimeter you established, the cost is $95 + $1/ft or $1.50/ft depending on the type of wire and placement method.*

*$1.50/ft. for any hand digging, ground stapling, or twisted pair wire; 75.00/40.00 for any driveway/sidewalk cuts.

Add $25 if the location is more than 25 miles from Columbus or Cincinnati, $50 if more than 50 miles.

If you would like to schedule a Service Call, please call us at
(614) 276-2760 or (513) 353-8000 or send an email with the best way to contact you to: [email protected].

Repair Kits and Additional Quantities of Wire
1-Break Repair Kit:
Includes 2 Underground Wire Splice Protectors
w/ Wirenuts and 5 Feet of Wire. Price: $15.00

3-Breaks Repair Kit:
Includes 6 Underground Wire Splice Protectors
w/ Wirenuts and 15 Feet of Wire. Price: $35.00