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Fence Collar Assembly Instructions:
The photographs below illustrate how your Invisible Fence Receiver is assembled on a new collar. The holes in the Fence Collars sold here are properly sized and spaced for your R 21 Invisible Fence� Receiver. The holes have been burned into the nylon collars (instead of cut) to minimize fraying. The receptacles protruding from your receiver must come through the holes in the collar. The retaining strip is then aligned with the receptacles and the posts are threaded into the receptacles to hold everything in place. There is a blue post-tool pictured that may or may not have come with your system. If you do not have this tool, you can use a wrench, pliers or a deep socket. However, be Very Cautious that you do not overtighten the posts! You do not want to strip the threads of your receiver as this is not covered by your warranty.

You will probably notice as you dissassemble your receiver and collar for the first time that there is an accumulation of hair, oils, or grass beneath the retaining strip. This is natural but is also something that may deplete batteries or diminish the effectiveness of the receiver correction; cleaning this area and changing or washing the nylon strap only periodically will maximize the effectiveness of your receiver and keep odors and bacteria at bay.

Please note that Fence Collars do not have D-rings.